Bracelet Stacks

Express Stripe Sweater Bracelet Stack

I love a good bracelet stack, but during the winter, I barely wear bracelets at all because of longer sleeves.  Right now I’m super into mixing metals and styles to give a stack my own unique touch.  I’ve gone ahead and linked a bunch of bracelets that I’m currently crushing on to get for this spring when I can start wearing bracelets daily.  A quick side note, my earrings are $4 at Walmart and are a rose gold twist on a hoop.   Cute, trendy, light weight and CHEAP!

Evereve Bracelets: Breast Cancer Bead Charm Bracelet, Celestial Bead Bracelet, Simbi Haiti Bead Bracelet, Coil Beaded Bracelet
Target Bracelets: Mixed Metal Beaded Bracelet, Mixed Metal Multi Row Bracelet, Bronze Elephant Charm Beaded Bracelet, Agate Bead Wrap Bracelet
Amazon Fashion Bracelets: Handmade Gem Semi Precious Gemstone Beads Bracelet, Amazonite, Hematite, Lava and Slider Set, Colorful Wood with Hamsa Buddha Om Charm Bracelet, Crystal Beads Hand Charm Bracelets & Wrap Bracelets

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