Meet Natalie

Not a day goes by without someone saying to me, “I love that top!” or “Where did you get that?” or “That looks so cute!” Even as a child, I was incredibly fashion-independent. I would never allow my mom to pick out my outfits; I always had to do it myself. After trying on outfit after outfit, I’d always manage to settle upon the first thing I tried on. 

Well, that was almost 30 years ago and I’m still doing the same thing. But now I actually manage to hang the unwanted clothes back up because let’s face it, I’m an adult now.

So here you go world, I will share my fashion genius with you.  I do not buy expensive clothes and I’m not picky on the brand.  If it fits me well and is comfortable, I will figure out a way to make it part of an ensemble. I have an obsession with nail polish, makeup – all things girly.  I’ll post about these things too, don’t you worry.

A little about me personally – I’m in my mid-30’s with a husband that I love dearly.  Together we have one son and are always on the go with hockey and baseball – We used to live the cosmopolitan life in the city.  Together, we made a life-changing move to the contrasting country, after my husband accepted a senior management position within his company.  Despite being further away from both our families, we’re constantly discovering and embracing the betterment of the family we created. 

I love walking/running and staying active…and, let’s face it; it’s another outfit in the day to wear!

If you are able to take one thing away from this blog while visiting, then I’ve done my part.  Stop by and say hi often, comment or like my IG page as that’s where I’ll be posting most often.